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Attract and Seduce like an Aries Lesbian

Lesbian Aries  – (The Ram ♈) –  March 21 – April 19

Here is how to seduce and attract like a typical Aries lesbian. Learn from her Zodiac sign’s most successful seduction traits.

  1. Lesbian Aries’ Boldness – When an Aries lesbian likes you, you will know it. Aries are straightforward and direct. They are not afraid to let you know that they like you. This is attractive. A lot of lesbians are passive and are impressed by the Aries’ courage. Their fearlessness makes the other person feel wanted. Aries put themselves out there and take risks. They don’t really care about what others think of them; I’m not sure they are even aware of what others think of them. It could be confidence, recklessness or selfishness, who cares – it gets them what they want. Aries lesbians are persistent go-getters. They are even attracted by the challenge. And if they do get rejected, they just brush it off and move on to another interest.
  1. Lesbian Aries’ Energy & Drive – Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and drive. Aries lesbians are passionate girls who bring energy and invest their hearts in what they do. Mars’ influence on Aries lesbians also makes them sexual. Aries lesbians have strong sexual appetites. They’re lustful and are easily excited. These qualities: energy, drive, passion, lust and sexual appetite make the Ram sexy and attractive.
  1. Lesbian Aries’ Adventurousness – Aries tend to jump now and look later. When something excites them, they follow their impulses. When they have ideas, they execute them. They are exciting leaders. When they find something they want to do, they do it even if they are alone. This independence is attractive and inspiring. In general, lesbians like taking care of their women. Aries are easy to take care of because they know what they want. This makes it easier to know how to support and love them.

So, to attract like an Aries lesbian, introduce women to your exciting world. Do what makes you happy, pursue your interests and stop hesitating. Go after who you want and make the first move. Do not be afraid to be sexual. Take the lead, be fearless and be daring. Lesbians will love you for it!

This will be especially effective with Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini lesbians.



March 10, 2013 |

One thought on “Attract and Seduce like an Aries Lesbian

  1. shavi says:

    i really think you hit my personality to a t. it was very impressive and that is exactly how i am.i had to laugh when i read it!!!!!! GREAT WORK!!

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