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How to Attract and Seduce like a Gemini Lesbian:

Lesbian Gemini ( The Twins ♊) May 21 – June 20

How to Attract and Seduce like a Gemini Lesbian:

Here is how to seduce and attract like a typical Lesbian Gemini. Learn from her Zodiac sign’s most successful seduction traits.

1. Lesbian Gemini’s Wit and Intelligence – She is intelligent but never boring, perceptive but light-hearted. Talented with words, a Gemini lesbian can talk her way in or out of anything, with anyone. She talks in flirt. It’s her second language. After a short verbal exchange, she will immediately know what makes you tick. She will quickly know how to make you feel comfortable with her. She’ll amuse you with her wit. If she finds you interesting, she will be excitedly curious about you and make you feel special. You will never run out of things to talk about and you’ll always be in a good mood while you’re with her.

2. Lesbian Gemini’s Free Spirit – The Gemini lesbian is adaptable and versatile. She is almost always willing to try something new. New things, new experiences and new information excite her. She is always expanding her horizons. She channels her nervous energy into improving and changing things around her. She quickly adapts to new situations and can easily get along with anyone, that’s why she has so many friends and acquaintances. This makes for an exciting person who is also inspiring.

3. Lesbian Gemini’s Elusiveness – One minute she’s acting intensely interested in you and massaging your ego, the next minute she’s flirting with the bartender and every girl in the bar. If she hasn’t decided that you are the one, she can be a tease. On top of this, the Gemini lesbian is also uncomfortable with emotions. She can be secretive about her feelings, even to herself, so both she and you might not know where you really stand with her. It could be her endless need for mental stimulation, or ADHD, but her unpredictability can be really attractive especially to those who love a challenge and the chase.

So, to attract like a Gemini lesbian, be endlessly curious. Try new things. Be open-minded and adaptable. Be excited to meet and talk to people and keep things fun and light. Girls will find your wit, free spirit and elusiveness irresistible.

This will be especially effective with Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries lesbians.




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